OMG I Cut The Fabric!!

Life got a little hectic over the last 10 days, but we have a heatwave here at the moment and I couldn’t think of a better way to stay cool than to start cutting fabric and sit at my sewing machine with the air conditioner on 🙂

This evening, I decided to make at start at actually cutting my fabric into shapes lol First step, check out the pattern. I decided to make my first practices from Johns BOM, January block. I chose the three fabrics I wanted to use for this practice block, laid the first one out on the cutting mat, measured it up, and was just about to make that first cut when there was a hiccup….

Mr Nate (my tuxedo cat) decided he was the designated formal feline quilting helper, and hopped up onto the dining table to lend a hand.


Apparently his version of “helping” involves laying on the cutting mats, the ruler and the fabric to check out how comfy they are 🙂 It would appear they met with his approval as he got comfy and started getting ready for a bath!!

After removing him from the table, and Missy Wags (the dog who thinks she’s a cat) chased Nate out of the dining room, I was able to make that first, very nerve racking, cut. So here are my first 3-1/2″ squares.


Now, I thought I was being very clever with the gingham squares and was lining them up to cut based on the selvage edges. However, the pattern on the fabric wasn’t printed straight, which is why my gingham squares look a little out. After a brief chat with my mentor, I have learned that I need to line up checks/gingham fabric on the pattern, rather than the selvages. Lesson learned, and a very good one too!!  🙂

Finally, I sat at the sewing machine and began stitching. First I sewed the single squares into pairs, then finally joined two lots of pairs to make a four patch bigger square. Then repeated the process so I finished up with two four patch squares. It took a few goes (and a bit of muttering), to get the points to line up nicely, but I’m pretty pleased with the final result. Introducing my first ever attempt at putting bits of fabric together to make a block lol


That’s the first two smaller blocks that make up half of the January block in John’s BOM, so tomorrow morning I will tackle the other two blocks to complete it…the dreaded half square triangle block…times two!! And then, attempt to put the four blocks together to make one amazing 12″ block 🙂 That’s the plan anyway  lol

Catch you all tomorrow. I’m off to bed to dream of fabric, and patterns, and blocks, and points, and half square triangles, and….. You get the idea!!



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